4th of July festivities in Clear Lake


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – It’s an annual tradition that brings thousands of people to north Iowa.

The Clear Lake festival is famous for their parade, carnival, and the many sights and sounds of Independence Day.

Thousands of people are making their way to Clear Lake this weekend for the festivities.

The holiday weekend kicked off with the 4th of July parade, featuring some familiar faces. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad walked the parade along with Senate candidate Joni Ernst, and Congressmen Steve King.

For many parade goers, it’s a tradition, but Steve Goranson and his family, have a 4th of July tradition like non other.

They have a family kazoo band and this year it’s the band’s 20th year performing before the parade.

“When my wife and I got married we had kazoos for our recessional and that was 21 years ago and so the next year we had 100 kazoos left over and I brought them and I said to our children who were 5, 8, 9, 10 I said who will go out and march with me,” explains Goranson.

Making a special appearance at the band’s performance this year, was newly engaged couple Becki and Jacy.

Becki has been apart of the performances all her life.

“It’s a big family reunion, get all the cousins and aunts and uncles together, just a good time to celebrate,” says Becki Lovell with the Kazoo Family Band.

The couple got engaged in Clear Lake and plan to marry this Fall.

“Will kazoos be apart of the wedding?”

“We haven’t talked about that but I think they might need to be if I know Uncle Steve they’ll show up,” the couple tells us.

Jacy will marry into this tradition that shows now signs of slowing up.

“We all have Clear Lake roots, we all live in different places now but a lot of us grew up here and the younger ones who didn’t grow up here, come every 4th of July as everybody says in Clear Lake, it’s bigger than Christmas.”

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