It was time for a new van

Veterans Van

AUSTIN, Minn. – A Mower County van has put on hundreds of thousands of miles bringing veterans to the VA hospital in Minneapolis, so it was time to replace it.

The local VFW, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans organizations raised the money to purchase this van.

“It’s a great thing to be able to do this. All of our veterans are proud veterans, we’re proud of the United States and we’re proud of the freedoms that we have provided for people and we’re going to continue to operate and give our veterans the best they can get,” said Veteran Norm Hecimovich.

They turned it over to the county this week, who will upkeep the vehicle. The van makes trips every even day to the VA Clinic.

“It’s very important that when we transport veterans and especially wounded veterans and veterans that are somewhat incapacitated, can’t walk, stuff like that, we want to make sure that they’re riding in comfort and that it doesn’t break down along the road,” Hecimovich said.

They purchased their last van in 2005. They are hoping this one will last another ten years before they have to replace it again.

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