New requirements for pork producers


GARNER, Iowa – Swine producers are about to see a new requirement hit the books January 1, 2015.  Major U.S. pork packers and processors are requiring all breeding stock to have a USDA-approved identification number swine tag.

This is an effort to better trace and improve national diseases and monitor them more closely.

One local swine producer says it’s a reassuring step for customers everywhere and tells us how they exactly work.

“The tags on the back have a barcode on them and that way they are able to just scan them at the harvesting plant and it correlates to the premise ID number that’s on the front of the tag and that way they can find out where the animals came from and have good traceability,” says pork producer Jamie Schmidt.

Some major producers requiring the tags include Johnsonville, Hillshire Brands, Bob Evan’s Farms, and Pioneer Packing.

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