Something to consider when searching for the perfect fireworks view

MASON CITY, Iowa – “It’s something to do that’s local and it’s a great night, it’s something I’ve loved to do since I was a child,” says firework show attendee, Kris Loterbauer.

She isn’t alone, many folks enjoy fireworks on the 4th of July. There is one thing that always comes first though, and that’s finding a good spot.

We asked folks what goes in to finding that perfect spot and everyone had about the same answer.

“Convenience mostly, a place where we can watch it and get a good view and have a quick route home,” says Brian Campbell.

But, the DNR tells us folks should also factor in which way the wind is blowing, because where there are fireworks, there’s smoke.

“In order to make the fireworks, they have to burn something. Whenever you burn something, you get a lot of smoke and in this case, inside of that smoke is a lot of metal and some other things that are pretty hard on the respiratory tract so if you breathe, even if you’re healthy, you’re probably going to start coughing profusely,” says DNR Air Quality Specialist Chris Maiers.

This especially applies to small children, elderly, pregnant women, and those with respiratory problems.

Maiers says it’s not worth missing the show, so he has some tips.

“If you stay up-wind, your issues will be greatly minimized and you’ll be able to enjoy the show without any ill effects. If you do have any potential respiratory issues, one thing you might want to consider bringing along is a breathing mask just in case that smoking does start wafting toward you. You can at least filter some of that stuff out,” says Maiers.

He hopes that these tips help to keep the smoke away when you go out to the show this Independence day.

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