Remembering the importance of buying local

Remember to buy local this weekend

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Holiday weekend often times bring a boost to businesses in the area, but that’s not the case for everyone.

Vendors at the Northbridge Mall market in Albert Lea say they’re excited for things to calm down and for business to go back to normal.

The Fourth of July weekend has been known to slow down business for this market in the past, but Jeff Clune, a vendor with Rising Sun Acres says that most years, it’s just hit or miss.

“You know, people make plans for the holidays and they may be going out of town,” he explains, “so if they go out of town, they might not be here on the weekend. Conversely though, sometimes if they are going out of town, they come and buy a lot of things to take with them out of town so, it just really depends.”

Clune says when holiday’s like this come around, people forget about the importance of buying their necessities locally.

He suggests that folks check out local farmers markets like the one at Northbridge before heading to the big box stores, that way, all of your celebratory items can come from local producers and help boost the local economy.

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