One teen arrested on charges of stealing docked boat

Stolen boat is returned and a teen is arrested

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – A north Iowa teen was arrested this weekend, accused of stealing a boat from City Beach in Clear Lake.

19-year-old Joshua Engstler of Garner was charged with theft after hopping in a boat docked at City Beach in Clear Lake, and driving off with it across the lake.

Lt. Paul Chizek with the Clear Lake Police Department says the boat was returned to the owners unharmed, but say bringing it back safe and arresting the teen wouldn’t have been possible without a little help from a Good Samaritan.

“A bystander, who was at the lake saw it all happen,” he explains, “and said he would be willing to chase after the boat. So, one of our officers got in the boat with him and they located the boat on the other side of the lake, pulled the boat over and got the boat stopped.”

Chizek says this is the first time he has ever seen anything like this happen in Clear Lake.

However, this might be the first boat theft he has seen, this isn’t the first Independence Day theft. Last year police told us they had to track down a couple of stolen golf carts, one of which had been driven into the lake.

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