Owner reacts to stabbing outside of bar

Owners react to stabbing at business

ALGONA, Iowa – Investigations continue in Algona as authorities are still searching for the man responsible for a late night stabbing.

It happened just outside of the Afterlife Lounge in downtown Algona.

Bar owner, Jeffry Wolf says he saw the fight unfold inside of the bar and asked those involved to calm down and step outside.

Police say the fight escalated and ended with 33-year-old Cody Henry of Emmetsburg being stabbed on the sidewalk.

Wolf says it’s not something he ever expected to see at his business, but believes the out of town crowd they had in the bar that night might have played a big role in what happened.

“We had a performer from Nashville, who doesn’t play this area very often, and when he does, it’s often in Minneapolis,” he explains, “For someone of that size to be in this town, it’s kind of a big deal, so people were coming from all over.”

Having out-of-towners visit your business is usually a goal for all business owners, however in this case, these visitors are making it hard for authorities to track down their suspect.

Kendall Pals, the Assistant Chief for the Algona Police Department says that it was a shocking call to receive, especially since it’s not something they respond to often.

“Stabbings do happen occasionally, anywhere, and we don’t have a lot of them of course, but the initial thing we do of course is the treatment of the victim.”

In this case, that meant a trip to the hospital in Algona, and then a transfer to Mercy Medical Center North Iowa in Mason City.

But, regardless of how shocking this incident might have been, Wolf says that the show must go on.

“From a business standpoint, we just want to show our customers and our regulars that we’re going to keep going,” he says, “We’re not going to let something negative keep us from doing positive things.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact the Algona Police Department at 515-295-3515.

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