Be kind on your cell phone

Cell phone problems Hampton, IA

AUSTIN, Minn. – Please be courteous on your phone. That is the message in July during “National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.”

Many of us are constantly checking our smartphones.In fact, a survey from Pew Research says that 67 percent of cell phone owners check their phones, even when they do not notice them ring or vibrate, and that can be annoying for others around you.

There are ways to make sure you are minding your manners.

“We have these little controls that you can put on them. Say your phone knows you’re in the car, it will shut off the ringing, calls and stuff. There is also Bluetooth capabilities that’s family based, where you can put restrictions on that,” said Phi Ho with The Cellular Connection in Austin.

Other tips to be courteous include setting ground rules for family events so that everyone can enjoy the occasion.

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