Bridging the past with the present


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – One local community is finding a unique way to “bridge” the past with the present.

The 2008 floods wiped out a historic bridge in Charles City and now one sculpture and community members are taking what’s left and creating something new.

They are sculpting a piece of art to be showcased in Victory Park.

David Williamson is a sculptor. He is taking the communities ideas and making them a reality. He shares the value of remembering the past while still looking towards the future.

“Well I think when we’re done, this bridge sculpture will talk to us about how to value the past in ways that won’t jeopardize your future. You can fall in love with the past and stay there, but this communities not doing that, and the way we’re handling these bridge parts is evidence of that. This is a community who is just as much focused on its future as its past,” says Williamson

He says the dedication for this sculpture will take place a year from now, during the 2016 Independence Day celebrations.

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