Independence Day brings big boost to local economy

KIMT News 3 – Fourth of July celebrations have come to an end, and things are starting to go back to normal.

However, city leaders across our area tell us there are still many things to celebrate, especially the success of the holiday weekend.

Tim Coffey, the Executive Director of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce says this year’s holiday weekend was the biggest and the busiest Fourth of July weekend they have ever seen.

So big, that the performances on Saturday night alone brought in more than 7,000 people to the area.

Over all, Coffey says an estimated 100,000 people visited the Clear Lake area for the Fourth of July celebrations, and he believes the nice weather might have been the main reason things were so successful.

“I think one of reasons was [successful], it was on a Friday. The weather was great and third, I think people were waiting to come here because memorial day was cold, very cold, and a lot of people decided not to come here then and made the decision to come here on the Fourth of July instead.”

Clear Lake wasn’t the only town overflowing with visitors this weekend.

City leaders in Austin, Minn. say they had anywhere from 20 to 30 thousand visitors throughout the course of the weekend.

Tom Steihm, the Mayor of Austin says he feels like the Fourth of July weekend was a huge success for the town, and that over his years serving in public office, the celebrations just keeps getting better and better.

“You like to say that it’s getting better and better which I think it is, but yeah, it’s just been excellent. It has been consistently excellent over the years and they’re maintaining that.”

Maintaining these festivals is crucial, since weekends like this are a key component in boosting the overall economy for these cities.

However, maintaining the celebrations is just the first piece to the puzzle, and Coffey says adding to the celebration is an important piece as well.

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