Mayo Civic Center moving ahead with renovation plans

mayo civic center vo

ROCHESTER, Minn. – They have been turned down year after year, but now the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester has finally secured the money they were looking for from the state. But, it is going to take more than just picking up where they left off.

It has been a long time coming for those who work at the Mayo Civic Center. Now a big renovation project has started rolling again.

“It frees up our current entertainment and sporting facilities, the arena, auditorium, exhibit hall and presentation hall for more entertainment activities,” said MCC Executive Director Donna Drews.

It is going to take a little bit more than simply dusting off the plans.

“we have to go through a review process to make sure everything is updated. That we meet all codes, and then we also have to look at all the specs that were involved in the project to make sure that we can get all of those products, and if not, where do we need to update and where do we need to change.” Drews said.

That is where the Mayo Civic Center Commission comes in. They are reviewing the plans that were designed half a decade ago and making sure they still meet today’s standards.

“How are we going to be sure that we maximize the economic capability of this doubled in size convention center?” said John Beltz of the MCC Commission.

That work is still ahead. For now, they know that they have got a great building to work with.

“We always knew that we needed to have twice the size convention center. At they very least, we always knew we needed to have one that was cleaned up, reconditioned and reset. We’ve got everything today with this plan,” Beltz said.

Some recent changes to the plans that the commission approved Monday include doing away with escalators and adding a kitchen.

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