Sweet corn sales are back

Sweet corn stands are back

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – It’s that time of year again. Sweet corn vendors are popping up all across our area, but the corn you buy from these stands might not be coming from where you think.

Jake Mettler, a local vendor, tells us the corn they sell at their stand in Clear Lake is actually from Indiana.

It’s not a rare thing to see, especially this year since Iowa and Minnesota farmers are seeing a later harvest for their sweet corn, thanks to the harsh winter and frost we saw this spring.

Farmers who got their crops in earlier in the spring, could start harvesting their fields as early as this week. However, the farmers who didn’t get their crops in until later on, could be waiting until mid-August for their sweet corn to tassel.

But, despite the late harvest, Mettler tells us business is booming at his stand.

“The Fourth of July went very well,” he exclaimed. “We started really early and everybody that came by was very polite and friendly.”

Area farmers tell us that the out-of-state corn will run out eventually, and when that happens, local Iowa and Minnesota corn will fill these stands.

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