FEMA looks at storm damage in Freeborn County

FEMA makes assessment of Freeborn County

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Government officials are making their way around southern Minnesota this week.

Representatives with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) met with city, county and township leaders in Freeborn County on Tuesday.

The idea is to get look at expense reports, photos and hear from the leaders themselves just how much storm and flood damage they have in the area.

Lee Loverick was one of the many city representatives at the meeting.

He was representing the Geneva Township and came with high hopes that their $13,000 worth of damage might be covered by federal funding.

“I would guess that this is probably going to take about one fourth of our budget to repair,” he explains.

However, this amount of damage is nothing out of the ordinary for these federal representatives to see.

Wayne Lamoreaux works as a public assistance engineer for the state of Minnesota, and was one of the experts talking with city leaders and filing their damage report information.

He says they made a visit to Freeborn County last year for flooding, and believes the damage seen this season is comparable to how things looked last spring.

“The damages are pretty similar,” he explains, “but, we have yet to do the full assessment, but that’s what we’ve seen so far.”

City, county and township leaders provided the FEMA representatives with everything from expense reports, to photos of the damage.

However, because this was just the preliminary meeting, no funds have been given out, and counties still don’t know how much funding they will receive, if any.

These June storms didn’t just impact Minnesota, which is why Governor Terry Branstad has issued several disaster proclamations in response to recent storms and flooding.

According to Branstad’s government website, he plans to send a letter to the president requesting a presidential disaster declaration for the nine counties in Iowa where significant damage was done last month.

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