Freedom Rock in Rockford


ROCKFORD, Iowa- Another spot for a Freedom Rock has been decided in one local county. An estimated 11 ton rock is being placed in the Rockford Veteran’s Park on Tuesday.

Kathy Tumilson is the mother of John Tumilson, a soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2011. She says the rock is a community effort, and has very little to do with her son, and more about all the veterans in the Floyd County area.

“Our veterans are amazing. I think they don’t think they get the thanks they deserve,” says Tumilson. “ Especially our Vietnam Vets. I think everyone needs to be proud of the American Flag and to honor that. When they see a veteran, I think they should go up and thank them for their service.”

The Freedom Rock is going to be funded by the people of the community. However, the Freedom Rock is more about the town coming together. Tumilson says Rockford has lost several members of the community because of war.

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