Humane society has record number of cats

Cats Need Home

AUSTIN, Minn. – If you are looking for a new cat, some in southern Minnesota could use your help.

The Mower County Humane Society says they have got a record number of cats right now that are in need of a new home.

Their year-old facility was built to hold 100 cats comfortably. While not every cat they are taking care of is there, they are helping around 150.

Leaders say most humane societies deal with a large number of incoming cats in the spring, but this year has been a bit crazy in Mower County.

“In April, we received, in one day, 20 kittens that had no moms. They had to be hand fed, bottle fed, and we’re just now getting that group ready to start receiving their shots. They finally got weaned, but they’ve been replaced by several other kittens,” said Kelly Rush, a Cat Side Manager for the Mower County Humane Society.

They are asking for your help in freeing up some space.

“We have scheduled five spay and neuter clinics this year. This year, for whatever reason, we’ve got quite a few kittens coming in where the moms are just not there,” Rush said.

They have a couple of spay and neuter clinics coming up. One is July 24 and the other is September 19.

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