Iowa ranks 10th in beer consumption

KIMT NEWS 3 –  A new study suggests, people in the midwest drink a lot of beer.

North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa all ranked in the top ten when it comes to beer consumption per capita.

According to the new rankings from the brewing industry trade publisher, Beer Marketer’s Insights, Iowa comes in at number 10 in the top beer-drinking states.

Iowans drink 33.2 gallons of beer per capita. Those numbers are down from 2009, but still more than all other 40 states.

One local liquor store manager says at his location, beer accounts for about 25% of his sales, but it climbs to about 30% in the summer. What younger generations are reaching for more and more, is craft beer.

Addiction Specialist, Jay Pedelty says he’s actually surprised Iowa isn’t higher on the list. He adds binge drinking, especially with beer, is a strong factor when it comes to these rankings.

“We don’t have much respect for beer, for the alcohol in beer, because it really is so significantly diluted. Alcohol is a powerful psychotropic drug, but when we drink it in something where 4 drops out of 100 are alcohol, we lose our respect for it shall we say. And it’s only respect for it that is going to protect me in the future.”

Minnesota was left out of the top ten on this list, but both Iowa and Minnesota rank in the top binge drinking states.

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