Minnesota jumps on board to help vets

Hilton Garden Inn

KIMT News 3 – Some states and a hotel chain are taking the saying “support our troops” to a whole new level.

Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, along with Hilton Worldwide, announced Tuesday that they are joining a new pilot program.

Veterans looking for a job outside the regions where they live, can stay at a Hilton Hotel for up to three nights, free of charge during their job search.

“They’ve sacrificed quite a bit, them and their families. If they’re on the job hunt, looking for jobs, and if there’s some way we can help them out, we should be doing that,” said John Severtson with Albert Lea Beyond the Yellow Ribbon.

Local veteran organizations say it is some much-needed support.

“It’s tough to come back from what they were doing. To come back to what’s going on right now and fit in with the workforce today. Their mind frame is completely different,” Severtson said.

Iowa, Texas and Arizona are also taking part in this program.

The average hotel in area metropolitan cities runs about $200 a night. This could save veterans hunting for a job around $600.

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