FAVA expands service to new counties

FAVA expands to new counties

FOREST CITY, Iowa – A local group, serving north Iowa veterans, is finally expanding its reach.

The Family Alliance for Veterans of America, or FAVA, is expanding its service from 15 counties to 43 counties.

It is a major switch for the organization, but it’s all thanks to the grant from Supportive Services for Veteran Families, or SSVA.

The grant is designed to help prevent homelessness among veteran families, and the director of FAVA, Rhonda Jordal, says this expansion means they will be able to help out more families going through tough times.

Since they only served a portion of the north Iowa area, Jordal says she’s excited to help meet the needs of all of those they couldn’t reach before.

“Because of the phone calls and referrals that we had before, we now know that there is a need,” she explains, “We are able to utilize that, and accept those veterans into the program, if they qualify, and take care of them.”

This new area of 43 counties will include more than 58,000 veterans and their families.

Anyone interested in this program, can apply by stopping in at a FAVA location.

One the requirements for this grant is that a veteran has to have served at least one day of active duty in the military.

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