Local theater troubles


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – One local theater is determined to keep their old-fashion operation, old fashioned. However, it’s proving to be difficult as ticket prices rise throughout the country. While that’s a good for Hollywood, it’s not good for small operations offering shows for one or two dollars.

The Charles Theater in Charles City is a good example. They have advertised the movie, “Heaven is for Real” three times, and each time the production company pulls it, because they don’t think the theater can make enough money.

The general manager says this isn’t a good sign for small towns.

“Their greed is looking towards wanting all the mom and pop theaters, like us to raise our prices. Well, the Charles Theater won’t do that. We’ve got a clientele that comes from seven counties around, so I’m reluctant to raise our prices. If I do raise any prices, it would be at the concession stand,” says Jim Marlow.

He says these production companies always get 35 to 40 percent of all their sales, so there is no risk involved for them.

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