RAGBRAI volunteers still needed in Forest City

Forest City RAGBRAI volunteers

FOREST CITY, Iowa – As our RAGBRAI preparation continues, we are stopping by Forest City, to see how the community is preparing for the thousands expected to come in Tuesday night into Wednesday morning on July 22nd into July 23rd.

Orin and Jan Harris are the leaders of the volunteer effort in town.  They are trying to recruit hundreds of helpers to assist with everything from greeting visitors, to monitoring campgrounds in the area.  And they still need volunteers.  “It is a lot of work, it takes time. You have to sit and call people, you have to ask people when you see them around town, ‘Would you please help?’  It’s a big day, and we want to promote Forest City the best way we can.  And the best way to do that is to get people to help out,” Orin tells us.

Gary Ludwig is the RAGBRAI Committee Chairman in Forest City, and is getting a different perspective of the organizing efforts.  He is a former Iowa State Patrol Trooper, who used to direct traffic in past rides.  But now, he’s in charge, and Ludwig is loving it.  “I’ve lived here for 30 some years in Forest City but I’ve gotten to know some people that I didn’t know before and it’s been fun.  I’ve enjoyed it.”

If you are able to volunteer in Forest City, they can use your help.  For more information, visit their RAGBRAI website:



Link to more info on RAGBRAI:


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