Tangled-up screech owl rescued from tree

MASON CITY, Iowa – A late morning walk, a couple of days ago, got a little scary for one north Iowa family.

Diana Hobbs and her two granddaughters, Autumn and Nora, were witnesses to an animal rescue near Hoover Elementary in Mason City.

“We didn’t know what was going on until we asked the animal control people,” Hobbs says. Animal control officials explained to the group that a screech owl had gotten stuck in a tree and was tangled up in what appeared to be fishing line.

Animal control, the Mason City Fire Department and a crew of city workers were all on hand, which is good since it was a scary scene for the two second graders.

Thankfully, the emergency crews were able to untangle the bird from the branch and bring it safely into a dog carrier.

The owl was then transported to Pioneer Animal Hospital in Mason City for further treatment. It was was then taken down to an Iowa State wildlife refuge, where it will recover until it’s wing heals.

There is no word yet, on whether or not the bird will be able to fly again.

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