Fun with Frederick & Fleming – Iron for Breakfast

Fun with Frederick & Fleming - Iron for Breakfast

Welcome to this week’s segment of Fun with Frederick and Fleming.  This is going to be another one of those experiments you can do at home if you want.  Amy, I promise you that this is going to be a “totally” cool experiment today.

This experiment is going to make use of Total Corn Flakes.  So, I must apologize now for the “corny” jokes.

We have some water in a plate and drop a few corn flakes into it. Don’t get flaky on me for this part Amy.  It is important that you put them in so they float on the top.

Total Cereal has 100% of your daily iron intake. In fact, there is so much iron in a corn flake that it is magnetic.  Now Amy, you may be especially attracted to this part of the experiment.   You can see how the magnet is able to pull the corn flakes around in the water.  It is because of the iron in the corn flakes.  Or maybe it is your magnetic personality.

The 2nd part of the experiment, we pour some of the cereal into a bag and then add water. It took me a while to “iron” out the details for this next one.  I regret that you will have to be a “cereal killer” to make this work.

Put about a cup of cereal into a zip lock bag, and then pour in some water.  Let it soak for a few minutes, and then start to crunch it up.  After you do this, and it is dissolved, put your magnet on the bag and slosh the soggy cereal over it.  Eventually, you will see the iron sticking to the magnet.

So, eating a bowl of Total for your iron is probably a better idea than a nail.  I have to say though, I think we really nailed it today.

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