Pit bull stolen from humane society


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – For more than a decade, the PAWS Humane Society in Charles City has been a safe haven for animals, and that included a Pit Bull named Pete.

He arrived in April in bad shape.  He was malnourished and his bones were sticking out.  Since then, Pete’s been doing much better, until now.

Jeff Nordman is a volunteer for PAWS Humane Society and he is still in shock over what just happened at the shelter.

“Jeff said,  Pete’s gone and I kind of wondered immediately where he could be. Knowing he was one of the three that had access to these outside runs, I came running around this side of the building,” said Nordman.

On Sunday he found the lock gone on the kennel and Pete missing.   Now those at the shelter are very worried for his well-being.

“He was a dog that had entrusted us to take care of him. Our job was to try to help him find his forever home, and the people that would take care of him beyond his time here.  We feel a little bit like we let Pete down,” said Nordman.

The Charles City Police Department is investigating the case.  Lieutenant Brad Worrall says this situation is a new one to them.

“It doesn’t happen very often, in fact this is the first time I’ve ever been aware that a dog has been removed from PAWS without their permission,” said Worrall.

Those at the shelter are asking for your help in finding him.  They’re even willing to give out a reward of cash if valid information is given to them about where Pete is. They’re hopining, that by spreading the word, this case can be solved so that Pete can have the second chance he deserves

“He had a really enormous head, which also resulted in him having a huge smile and big mouth. He always was wagging his tail and smiling,” said Nordman.

If you have any information about where Pete may be, you’re asked to contact the PAWS Humane Society at 641- 257 -0766, or the Charles City Police.

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