The prosecution rests after three weeks of testimony

MASON CITY, Iowa – The prosecution rests after a hectic day in the trial of Michael Cisneros.

Before beginning any testimony on Thursday, attorneys discuss a set of pictures containing images of John Snyder Sr.’s calendar.

According to Defense Attorney, Letitia Turner, she’s concerned with a set of photos she believed were not provided to the defense.

“So, they’re pictures you’re saying that you received following the fiasco with the missing pictures and documents,” said Judge Dedra Schroeder.

“That is our belief your honor,” replied Turner.

“The court should select an alternative sanction that will encourage compliance with the rule,” said Turner.

The state would then fire back claiming that the camera logs always reflected what photos were taken.

“The state just finds it hard to believe that they did not have photos from Mr. Harvey. Those, are the photos. Last time that we had this whole fiasco, the state’s recollection was, the only photos they had were the photos that the crime scene team took,” said Assistant Attorney General, Doug Hammerand.

Judge Schroeder makes it clear the photo fiasco has gone far enough in this case, and asks both attorneys if they would like a continuance to review the material.

Once both sides denied, witnesses finally took the stand.

After their final witness, the state would rest.

Not soon after, the defense would make another motion.

“There’s no evidence that the defendant acted willfully or deliberately, and with the specific intent to kill. We believe your honor, that this matter should not go to the jury and the court should direct a verdict of acquittal at this time,” said Defense Attorney, Steve Kloberdanz.

“The person that attacked the child had injuries to themselves which were consistent, and that’s how the defendants blood ended up on the pajama bottoms. So, the state would argue that the state has satisfied each and every element for murder in the first degree,” said Hammerand.

Judge Schroeder would deny the motion, and the defense continued with their case.

Several witnesses were asked to take the stand, including John Snyder Sr.’s former landlord, Edward Kent.

Kent says he recalls being called to the home by police in order to give them access around the building.

When he entered the home, Kent says he recalls seeing Snyder Sr. having what appeared to be a “leisurely conversation” with police.

He says Snyder Sr. had a calm demeanor. One that he would not expect to see from a parent who may have lost his son.

The last comment would be stricken from the record.

Among others who testified was, Robin Krumm, a former dog trainer who led her German Shepard during the search and rescue.

More witness testimony is expected on Friday.

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