Iowa’s bad bridges


KIMT NEWS 3 – A local lawmaker, once again, is speaking out about his efforts to improve Iowa bridges.

According to a non-profit transportation research group, or TRIP, Iowa is again on the list of states with the worst rural bridges.  Republican State Representative, Josh Byrnes has been pushing for a fuel tax increase to help fund improvements to bridges and roads due to this exact problem, and even though his proposal was voted down, Byrnes tells us he’s not giving up on the issue.

“Its repeating exactly what we’ve been saying. Our infrastructures aging, it’s getting worse. To me it’s no surprise, and I think to others that have been listening to me, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise,” said Byrnes.

The report also found that traffic crashes and deaths on rural Iowa roads are higher than all other roads in the state.  It’s at a three times higher rate than other roadways.

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