Keeping Iowa clean

Beautification projects are paying off

MASON CITY, Iowa – There has been an effort to keep Iowa a little cleaner, and a new survey says that these efforts are paying off.

Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB) is an organization dedicated to reducing litter and illegal dumping across the across the state.

KIB works in connection with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to keep roadways clean and encourage folks to clean up after themselves.

So far, their initiatives have paid off and local volunteer supervisor, Mallory Mitchell says she has certainly seen a change in Mason City.

Areas of the town are cleaner than they have ever been and Mitchell is attributing that to the commitment of the community.

“The streets are looking better,” she says, “but it is an ongoing effort. As soon as we get one street clean and we are really proud of it, we’ve got somebody else saying, ‘you know, this kind of needs attention.’”

Items like plastic bags and cigarettes should always be picked up and thrown.

Mitchell suggests that folks try and pick up at least one piece of litter each day.

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