Is a summertime polar vortex headed our way?


MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s hard to forget about the winter we had, with freezing cold temperatures lasting for days on end. Many of us heard the term “polar vortex” for the first time this past year, and it became a popular term on social media to describe the frigid days.

Now there’s talk about a polar vortex making its way to our area next week.

We wanted to find out what people think about this, and find out if anybody really knows what a polar vortex is.  DeeDee Stiepan, along with Meteorologist, Josh Wurster  hit the North Iowa Fair to find out.

A lot of the people we talked to have heard of the polar vortex, but really don’t know what it is, or if it can occur during summer months.

“This winter, we had the polar vortex. The area of low pressure that sits and spins, and keeps all of the cold air up at the poles. Every once in a while, like what happened this winter, a little piece of that breaks off, and shoves the cool air down in our area, where it can sit for days on end,” explains Josh.

The polar vortex actually always exists, but on a planetary scale, and a summertime polar vortex is possible. However, the weather expected next week is not the polar vortex. Josh explains that the cooler weather will be caused by the jet stream, and won’t stick around for very long.

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