Century-old family business closes doors

FOREST CITY, Iowa – A long-standing, small, family-owned business in Forest City is bowing out of the competition with big box stores and closing up shop.

Hansen’s Hardware opened in 1904 and has been in its present location, 216 N. Clark St. in downtown Forest City since 1924.

Not everyone would consider a business to be a family heirloom, but seeing as the store has been owned by four generations of the Hansen family, you could say this century old business is a family treasure.

Family friend, Ron Holland was on hand Sunday helping the Hansen family clean out and close down the store.

It was a bittersweet day for everyone, but Holland says it was a long time coming.

“It’s just a changing of the times,” he explains, “and big stores are kind of taking Main Streets away.”

The end of something old, means the beginning of something new, which is why Holland, who is also one of the council members for the Forest City city council says they’re working hard to bring something new into town.

New things are in store for the current owner of the store, Bill Hansen as he tells us that while it’s tough to see things close, he knows that it’s necessary keeping the family afloat.

The downtime won’t last long for Hansen, as he has already accepted a job with Eddy’s Glass and Door in Forest City.

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