Closing arguments heard in Cisneros murder trial


MASON CITY, Iowa – The murder trial that’s been in progress for four weeks now is finally coming to a close.

The defense rested during the morning session.  Michael Cisneros, the man accused of murdering 20 month old John Snyder Jr., never took the stand.

During closing arguments, Iowa Assistant Attorney General, Douglas Hammerand argued that Cisneros should be held accountable.  He asked the jury to focus on the evidence at hand while repeatedly showing them the pajama bottoms of Little John’s, that have blood linked to Cisneros through DNA testing.  Hammerand said that it was Cisneros who punched the toddler in the face, which led to the blood found on the bottoms, and then dumped him in Willow Creek where he was found 30 hours later.

Nearly an hour later, Defense Attorney, Steve Kloberdanz then addressed the jury asking them to focus the testimony that was given by lead investigator of the case, Dan Ramaeker.  Kloberdanz called Ramaeker his “hero.” He then proceeded to tell the jury that he felt the crime scenes of the apartment where Little John was taken and where the pajama bottoms and diaper were found looked to be staged. Kloberdanz also kept pointing that John Snyder Sr. was a suspect for more than 19 years, and he should not be ruled out.

The prosecutor replied by re-playing a law enforcement interview with Cisneros, which included the defendant stating that he didn’t know anything about a baby being thrown in the river.

The jury is now deliberating their verdict.  For the latest developments with this case tune in to KIMT News 3 at five, six, and ten.





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