Dating apps and relationships

dating apps

ROCHESTER, Minn. – They are all over the place; mobile dating apps, but do they really work?

One of the most popular apps is called “Tinder”. What it does, is it takes your photos from Facebook, and then other people get to decide whether you are worth dating or not. Once both people say yes, then it creates a conversation for you. Despite the easy way to finding people, experts say this is not the way you should go about things. If you are looking for a real relationship. “Look into why that is a good person, or why you should choose that person as your spouse. Do they have good values, are they actually committed to the relationship, not just you, because they are infatuated with you. You want somebody who is going to be there for the long term,” Matchmaker, April Davis with Cupid’s Cronies said.

Davis also said it’s important to do your homework before dating.

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