Zeidler Park updates are complete


ROCKWELL, Iowa – Renovations are complete and volunteers working on Zeidler Park in Rockwell have finally finished up with their last major project on the grounds.

It’s been a long time coming to see the park at the stage it is at today, especially since work began back in the early 90s.

Over the years, Zeidler Park has been a popular destination for town events like the Kickin’ Chicken Barbecue, the Terry Wedmore Memorial Run and countless softball games.

Sharon Kruckenberg, the Securitary Treasurer of the Zeidler Trust says it’s a treat to see so many people using the facilities, and that the couple would have been proud of how much work has been accomplished.

“I think that they would love the fact that the little league ball plays out here, that we have the Wedmore memorial run, the Chicken barbecue, and I’m sure Verl would love to see the park used,” she says.

Kruchenberg tells us, that the Zeidler family always had a love for the town and that one of their passions was owning and operating a local hardware store.

The park got its start when the Rockwell-Swaledale Future Farmers of America (FFA), planted trees on the grounds.

Volunteers and city workers finished up the work and added shed buildings, softball diamonds, and playground equipment.

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