Pete, the Pit Bull is found safe

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – A dog stolen from a local human society, is found safe.  Pete, the Pit Bull was taken from the PAWS Humane Society in Charles City on July 5th.

“Clearly, he was abducted from the shelter. We know that because, the gate had to be forcefully entered, in order to get him out,” says Volunteer Jeff Nordman.

Since then, they have been searching high and low. After a few false leads, volunteer Jeff Norman says he was reluctant to answer his phone when an unknown number called him at work Monday.

“It turned out to be the Charles City Police Department dispatcher.He simply started out by saying, hey Jeff, do you want your dog back?” says Nordman.

The dispatcher gave him the contact information for an Ionia woman. He proceeded to contact her, hoping for some good news.

“At first I said to her, have you just seen the dog or do you actually have him? She said no, I have him, he’s right here in front of me,” says Nordman.

From there, he asked her to send a picture of the dog. That’s when he knew.

“I immediately started counting the white on its front toes and comparing it to the pictures that I have of our Pete, and right away I thought, that’s him! I don’t know how, but it’s him,” says Nordman.

He immediately left work to go get Pete, and was pleased to see that although, he is very tired, he is in good health. The woman told Nordman how the Pit Bull ended up at her rural home.

“He had shown up at the house, and was dragging some parts of a cord or tie-up,” says Nordman.

Even though they still don’t know where Pete was during that time, they are just thankful to have him back. Those at PAWS want to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. They are setting up a special fund and calling it, “For Pete’s Sake.”

“We would like to have some sort of outdoor video cameras, and possibly some added security on the doors and windows. Just some added features to be sure the building is secure,” says PAWS Director, Julie Taylor.

She says that kind of security should prevent another scare like this.

“We’re really glad to have him home,” says Nordman.

Pete will no longer be housed at PAWS. He will live with a foster family, until he finds his forever home. Those at the shelter describe him as a very kind and lovable dog, despite his somewhat intimidating appearance.

If you are interested in adopting Pete, or any other shelter dog looking for a home, follow this link to get started:

If you want to help the shelter prevent instances like this from happening again, follow this link to donate to “For Pete’s Sake”:

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