RAGBRAI: Planning the not so glamorous details

Stolen bikes return to owners

MASON CITY, Iowa – With only days until RAGBRAI riders come through Mason City, one committee is planning the not-so-glamorous details. As thousands of bikers peddle through and set up camp, they need somewhere to make a pit stop and shower off. Those on the sanitation committee are bringing in plenty of porta-potties and showers for campgrounds and the downtown area. The committee head tells us how one local school will benefit from these riders getting clean.

“Each of the riders needs to have a shower. We will have showers that are set up throughout the community at each of our locations. The Mason City High School has showers sponsored with the booster club as a fundraiser, so that will be a great fundraiser for them,” says Sanitation Committee Head, Perry Buffington.

His committee is also in charge of the cleanup and recycling efforts. He says they are bringing in plenty of recycling stations, along with trash cans so folks can clean up after themselves. However, that’s not always the case, so some extra hands are still needed.

“Tremendous amounts of cleanup. I’m looking for plenty of volunteers. We’ll have city crews working as soon as everything is shutting down that night, and our intent is to have downtown in working shape by five the next morning,” says Buffington.

If you want to sign up for this committee or another one of the 14, visit: http://www.ragbraimasoncity.com/volunteers/.

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