Snyder Sr. expresses frustration over verdict


MASON CITY, Iowa – With many questions still left unanswered in the cold case of John Snyder Jr., many are wondering what to expect next, including Snyder Sr.

Michael Cisneros is now a free man after being acquitted in the murder of Snyder Jr. back in 1994.

On Tuesday, we sat down with Snyder Sr. as he speaks on the verdict he was not expecting.

Snyder Sr. is breaking nearly 20 years of silence, and since Monday’s “not guilty” verdict of Michael Cisneros, Snyder says he’s simply taking it all in.

“I was expecting guilty and congratulations to the prosecution. Congratulations to Stearns and to Callaway for asking the right questions. That’s what my expectation was,” said Snyder Sr.

“I couldn’t react. I mean what can you do? You can’t change the verdict. It is what it is, right?” asked Snyder Sr.

Since being subpoenaed to take the stand, Snyder Sr. was not made aware of any evidence other than a DNA match.

He says with what he knows now, we’re far from finding all the answers to little John’s death.

“It was up to the jury and they got fooled obviously, they got fooled.  They got fooled by smoke and mirrors and by diversions from the person who is there for a reason,” said Snyder Sr. while referring to Cisneros.

Michael Cisneros, along with Snyder Sr. have been suspects in the case since the DNA CODIS match, according to Mason City investigators.

Now with Cisneros officially ruled out, only Snyder Sr. remains.

However, Snyder Sr. says what the public thinks of him, is not his main concern.

“I could care less what they think of me, in that regard. It’s about that guy, you know,” said Snyder Sr. as he points to a picture of little John.

“This guy has to look at his family every day, and they’re going to look at him and ask, did you, did you? There’s a lot of evidence against you. I can look at my family and know I didn’t have anything to do with it,” said Snyder Sr.

When asked about why he decided to speak to the media, especially so soon after the verdict, Snyder Sr. says it’s a matter of trying to keep the focus on little John.

Too often he says, we see the focus shift toward the defendant, while the true victim is forgotten.

“There was evidence and there was no defense, other than the mudslinging campaigns. It was not about me at all,” said Snyder Sr.

Michael Cisneros was released earlier Tuesday morning from the Cerro Gordo County Jail and greeted by family.

We have tried to reach out to the Cisneros family and will have their response as soon as it becomes available.

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