A bucket list for North Iowa attractions in the works

MASON CITY, Iowa – Many folks have a bucket list; a rundown of things we want to do in their lifetime. One local agency is taking this concept and making a bucket list for the North Iowa area.

The Mason City Chamber of Commerce asked folks to contribute ideas on their Facebook, and many helped out. Experiences were shared, like watching the fireworks over Clear Lake, and going to a North Iowa Bulls game. Food was also a big one! From steak at the Northwestern Steakhouse to a Moscow Mule at the Quarry.

This list will go in their bi-annual Mason City Look-Book.

“It gives people an idea of what life is like in Mason City. We thought  we should do a bucket list of what are the best things to do in North Iowa if you’re just going to be experiencing a few things,” says Mason City Chamber of Commerce President, Robin Anderson.

She says, it will also be fun for longtime residents to experience the city in a different way, if there’s still boxes to be checked on their bucket list.

That full list will come out in the Look-Book this December. Also, for the first year, Anderson says they are creating a video of North Iowa attractions, which could come out even sooner.

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