Area politicians weigh in on undocumented immigrants


KIMT News 3 – The always hot button issue of immigration is now hitting the borders of Iowa, as local politicians weigh-in on comments made by Governor Branstad.

We first told you on Monday that Governor Terry Branstad made it clear, he would not like to host any undocumented children who have crossed the border since October 1.

Now, some area politicians say it comes as a surprise, since Iowa governors in the past, have embraced and welcomed undocumented immigrants to Iowa for naturalization.

“We’ve always been a nation of laws and its important for us to respect the rule of law, and deal with the humanitarian crisis that’s unfolding,” said Representative Bruce Braley, (D) Iowa.

Under current law, immigrant children from countries that do not border the United States and who cross into this country by themselves, are turned over to federal authorities.

Undocumented immigrants who are turned over to federal agents are sent to live with relatives out of the country as they wait for a ruling from immigration courts.

“We have to look at the real root of this problem, which is our failed immigration system and finally takes steps to address that problem in Congress. If we do, we can bring people together to focus on solutions. That’s what I’m going to be devoting my attention to,” said Braley.

Since October, more than 57,000 children have crossed the border alone.

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