Everyone loves RAGBRAI pies


MASON CITY, Iowa – RAGBRAI is getting closer, and that has vendors working around the clock to make sure they’re ready for  riders.  In Mason City, members of Saint John’s Episcopal Church are planning to serve a homemade spaghetti dinner, and it includes homemade pies.

Shirley Stoyles is leading the effort to get the meal together.  She says, it was an easy menu to come up with.  “I think most people love pies, but most people don’t ever make pie, so when there’s an opportunity, they search it out.”  The church has been working long hours to get all the food together.  They are planning to make about 120 pies for the event.  She also says RAGBRAI is a chance for their church to come together.  “The best parts have been seeing everybody excited in the church and offering to help.  They say ‘What can I do and  I’ll be there most of the day.’  So that’s the best part.”

St. John’s will be serving spaghetti, with coleslaw, a roll, and pie for $10 on Wednesday July 23rd.  They are located at 120 First Street Northeast in Mason City.

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