Keeping kids busy during the summer months

SOAR Program kids spent their Wednesday bowling in Mason City.
SOAR Program kids spent their Wednesday bowling in Mason City.

MASON CITY, Iowa – Summers can get long for kids and their parents, especially in rural areas where there’s not a whole lot to do.

To help keep kids busy when school is out, the SOAR Program was formed. It stands for “School’s Out At Rockford.”

It’s an after-school and summer program that allows Rockford students to experience different activities they may not have an opportunity to otherwise.

“Some of the kids, when we were starting off, didn’t have the opportunity to go bowling during the summer, or miniature golf, or [go to] Custer’s Maze, or all these field trips, because Rockford is a small town,” explains SOAR director, Deb Kudera.

On Wednesday, the SOAR kids got the chance to go cosmic bowling in Mason City. She says it’s a great way to keep kids busy during the summer months.

“We’re able to take the kids somewhere and parents [are] able to feel safe that their kids are going somewhere where there’s supervision; where the kids can play with other kids, and they’re not home by themselves or walking the streets of Rockford,” adds Kudera.

There are about 25 students enrolled in the program which collaborates with other groups including the RRMR school system.

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