Mayo Clinic and authorities simulate evacuation

mayo evac

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Thousands of Mayo Clinic employees were forced out of their building Wednesday morning. However, it was all part of a training exercise.

Those with Mayo and authorities from Rochester put together the training at the Hilton Building right downtown. Officials say it took three years to come up with the plans until they executed them. Nobody was hurt in the event and those in charge believe it was much needed, just in case of other dangerous situations. “The simulation was a good exercise for us to just see how we all work together in unified command, and how effectively we can all evacuate a large structure in case there was a problem. In this case, the structure was evacuated within 15 minutes,” Lt. Scott Davis with the Rochester Police Department said. “We [saw] a steady stream of people exiting the building.. they [used] the main entrance as well as the fire exits which is again part of that procedure,” Chair of the Safety Committee for DLMP Dr. Melissa Snyder said.

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