Preventing the spread of swine diseases


HAMPTON, Iowa – County fairs are cracking down on their bio security, thanks to a new virus impacting hogs in the area.

It’s called the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus or PED, and it’s an illness that spreads quickly, and can be deadly for hogs.

Since county fairs are a big time for 4-H clubs, fair officials are working hard to keep animals safe and healthy.

The Franklin County Fair has some new rules to follow this year specifically, thoroughly washing your animal if it’s been shown at other fairs.

They’re also encouraging folks to make sure all booths, trailers and other vehicles are clean. Veterinarian, Zach Vosburg says their final guideline will help control the spread of any illnesses.

“The disease can be transmitted very quickly.” he explains, “We have shortened the time that our animals are actually at the county fair this year to help limit the possibility of any spread of any disease.”

Vosburg tells us that they haven’t had any issues with PED spreading at their fair in the past, which is exactly why they’re looking to make sure they’re being extra cautious this year.

While these precautionary measures are only being enforced at the Franklin County Fair, implementing them at other fairs will help keep your animal healthy and in the running for the big prize.

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