Back to school shopping starting too soon?


KIMT NEWS 3 -It’s a sight not many kids are excited to see, but it’s helping parents get a jump-start on the school year.

A new Staples survey broke down some of the ways shoppers like to tackle those back to school lists. Here’s what they found.

53% of parents of an A + student say one month before school begins is the best time to shop.

15% say one week before the first bell is acceptable, and 9% say they wait till after school starts to get supplies.

Another part of the survey shows that 2 out of 5 parents of teens say hitting the stores helps them relive their own school experiences.

Joe Kautz, Staples Sales and Services Manager agrees, saying parents coming into the store seem to enjoy having a little blast from the past.

“I can see the parents helping the kids pick out folders and stuff, and it’s fun for them. They get to kind of live a second childhood through their kids. Buying the back to school stuff is another way to do that.”

Joe went on to say, they start back to school sales earlier and earlier to keep up with the competition.

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