Students learning more about futures over lunch

Career Cafe

AUSTIN, Minn. – Some local students got the chance to sit down with some area professionals to talk careers.

It was part of the third annual “Career Cafe.”, which is put on by Riverland’s “Be Your Best College Prep Academy” and “SPARK Summer College Prep Academy.”

Students can meet with people in the health field, law enforcement, engineering and more.

“It really makes the students ask questions that are important, especially when they’re trying to figure out what they want to do. Perhaps by having a one-on-one conversation with that career professional, they’ll be able to discover whether that’s the career for them,” said Multi-Cultural Coordinator Yesenia Mendoza, who is also with Be Your Best.

Organizers say there is no comparison to hearing from someone who has been there and done that.

“There’s much more value that they can get from interacting directly with them. There’s things that you can’t see from a screen, there’s things about day-to-day responsibilities, good and bad things about the positions, so, some of the uncensored truth about these positions,” said Career Planning Tutor Gabriel Ramirez-Hernandez.

Be Your Best serves students age 16 to 22. SPARK is for those who have recently graduated high school or are seeking their GED.

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