UPDATE: 2 juveniles questioned in overnight vandalism case

Crime Spree

UPDATE: Police say they are questioning two juveniles in connection with a recent criminal damage spree.  The Albert Lea Police Department says the males were found near Green Avenue and Albert Lea Street at 8:21pm Thursday.  Charges are pending.

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Albert Lea police need your help finding multiple people they suspect of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

They say shortly after 5 a.m. Thursday, calls started coming in of reported vandalism. Everything from broken windows on businesses and cars, to tires being slashed are reported.

The initial calls came from Pillsbury Ave., but have since stretched a couple blocks from there.

“We do feel it’s somewhat isolated. It’s not happening from the north side of town all the way to the south side of town where you might suspect somebody of driving age. This looks like more, or less they’re walking down the streets or riding their bike up and down the streets causing damage,” said Deputy Director J.D. Carlson with the Albert Lea Police Department.

Nearly 20 people reported damage that totals an estimated $5,200.

“That hits a business like that hard. The rest of these property owners that wake up in the morning ready to go to work, make a living and that’s delayed, because they have flat tires or windows broken. It costs a lot of people money,” Carlson said.

He said there is still the potential for more damage to occur until the vandals are caught. If you see anyone suspicious, you are asked to call the police department.

He also reminds us of the curfew ordinance in town. People 15-years-old and under are not to be out after 11 p.m. and those between 16 and 17-years-old are not to be out later than 12 a.m.

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