Helpful ways to save on cooling


KIMT News 3 – Saving money on your utilities this summer could be much easier than you once thought, if done properly.

Local experts say the common misconception we have is that during cool months, leaving our windows open will help save on our energy bills.

While it’s true that you are saving while your air conditioner is not running, once it’s turned on, your system will work even harder to pull moisture from your home.

Their advice, run your air conditioners from time to time, without opening your windows as a way to keep moisture out.

“If you have your windows shut, leave your air-conditioner set at what temperature you had it and just let it run. It’s only going to run maybe a few minutes to a few hours during the day and that’s going to keep your costs down,” said Tony Johnson, president of Johnson Heating & Air Conditioning.

Tony says programmable thermostats can also cause issues for those trying to save this summer.

Only by keeping the settings at a constant temperature can your AC run efficiently.

“Whenever you change the conditions by opening the windows, turning It to 80 then turning it back to 70, you are creating a condition that the air-conditioner cannot control. So it has to come back and make up for your changes,” said Johnson.

Many cities around the Midwest will experience morning temperatures in the mid-50’s.

Those same cities have yet to hit 90 degrees this summer.

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