Tree Town Music Festival responds to lawsuit


A King’s Throne, a company which provides portable restrooms, is suing Tree Town Music Festival claiming that they never received payment for services they provided for the Memorial Day weekend event.

According to court documents, the company says it provided FC Festivals, LLC with $15,670.15 worth of services, including 153 special event portable restrooms, eight hand washing stations and a VIP restroom trailer.

A King’s Throne says that FC Festivals only paid them $12,070.15. The portable restroom company is suing the festival for $14,679.32, plus attorney fees.

The companies are also disputing over who is responsible for paying disposal fees that total more than $2,500.

Tree Town Music Festival sent the following statement to KIMT News 3:

“The Tree Town Music Festival has never and will never run from their bills.  As a matter of fact, vendors, entertainers, and working personnel have been paid in accordance of their agreements with the event.  The invoice received from A King’s Throne that is part of the lawsuit, is only being red lined because the original agreed amount upon is now different than the amount on the invoice.   Tree Town Music Festival has no issue paying the balance due, however, the Tree Town Music Festival is not and will not pay for the dumping fee that has been added to the original invoice.  The dumping fee requested by A King’s Throne from Tree Town Music Festival is actually the amount owed by A King’s Throne to the City of Forest City for illegal dumping of waste.  In no uncertain terms is Tree Town Music Festival responsible for A King’s Throne’s actions of illegal dumping of waste and is not responsible for their dumping fees.” – Gary Dewaard, Tree Town Music Festival Producer.

We did reach out to A King’s Throne, LLC but were told the company has no comment.

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