Governor Rick Perry in north Iowa

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Texas Governor, Rick Perry is in Clear Lake and Mason City on Sunday, to speak to Republicans for several fundraising events.  But he’s also speaking about the crisis on the border.  He is telling military veterans and law enforcement officers in Clear Lake, that those who are trying to cross into the United States through the Texas border, need to understand, that they can’t stay.  “It’s a dramatic scene of babies as young as one or two years old seeming to be unaccompanied. It’s just a very sad situation that the parents have sent these children on a long trip with the hope and the expectation that when they cross the border into Texas, you can stay.  And that’s a great lie and that’s the sadness of this as well.”

As for the solution to the crisis, the Governor says this, “I would suggest to you the most humanitarian thing that we can do as a country, is to make sure that these children don’t make the trek, and those that have, try to reunite them with their parents as soon as they can.”  The Governor also spoke about his meeting with President Obama earlier in July.   Perry says while he is pleased the President met with him about the crisis, he is not happy that the President choose not to go to the border. “It’s not a photo op, it’s a President leading, it’s a President being where there is a man-made disaster and the President not going, I think sends a powerful message of disconnect.”

As Governor Perry spends more time in Iowa, the question comes up of a possible run for President in 2016.  He says he is in Iowa now to support Governor Terry Branstad and Joni Ernst’s campaigns for November, and that’s his focus for now.  “People are going to speculate, but I’m focused on now to November.  After November, 2016 will take care of itself.”  However , he does say that he will be in Iowa several times before 2016.

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