Tree service owner seriously injured on the job

Cutting Edge Tree Service owner injured in fall

KIMT News 3 – A north Iowa man is hospitalized after a 40 foot fall from a tree.

It happened on Friday afternoon when Kevin Hardy, owner of Cutting Edge Tree Services in Mason City, was on a job in Charles City.

Hardy fell from a tree and fractured his pelvis, right clavicle, 11 ribs and did some damage to his right forearm and elbow.

He is now recovering at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester and is undergoing intensive treatment and surgeries.

Kevin’s wife, Jodi tells us he was wearing a helmet and was taking other safety measures while in the tree, but sometimes accidents like this are just unavoidable in that industry.

While the list of injuries just goes on and on, Jodi tells us that that’s the last thing they have on their minds.

“I’m trying not to focus on anything beyond that. My husband is right here, talking and moving,” she says, “He can feel everywhere on his body, he can move everywhere on his body, and I just can’t get over the joy of that to move on to being sad about anything else right now.”

Jodi tells us Kevin will be in the hospital in Rochester until at least Friday, and in the meantime the foreman for Cutting Edge will be taking over the business so things can carry on as usual.

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