Infant in critical condition after crash

accident vo

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Authorities are investigating a weekend crash that left an infant in critical condition.

Rochester Police say the accident happened Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Marion Road SE and 12th Street SE. An officer heard the crash happen and went to take a look. When he arrived, he found a one-month-old girl unresponsive. After rendering CPR, officials transported her to St. Mary’s where she remains in critical condition.

Police believe the accident happened when a car was turning left and was struck by a Blazer in the side where the child was located. Officers say this is a good reminder to keep children in those center seats. “In this case you have a side impact. There is [something] called a crumple zone, when you have a side impact, where the side of the car comes in. Well, if you are seated in the middle, you’ve got that extra space, that barrier,” Lt. Tom Kaase said.

No charges have been filed yet.


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