Use of robots continues to grow


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – 30 years ago Monday, the first reported killing of a human by a robot occurred. Three decades later, many safety advances have happened.

That incident did not stop the growth of using these machines. Many companies across the world rely on them for manufacturing everyday goods.

“That’s where the robots have really come into play. Use of them in those repetitious jobs where they can be done consistently.  I think they’ve been a big part of that and I think they’re going to be a future for us,” said Riverland Community College Industrial Maintenance Instructor Bob Bender.

Manufacturing is one thing, but even the use of automated things in our homes has greatly increased.

Bender said with the increased use in machines, have come a lot more measures to keep everyone safe.

“The machine is as smart as we teach it. So there’s photo eyes, there’s curtains and things like that. Pads where the operators have to stand on, and if they move from that, the robot stops,” Bender said.

More and more robotics camps are popping up across the country and in our area. One has just kicked off in Albert Lea through Riverland. Bender said there will be another VEX Robotics competition on December 13 in Albert Lea as well.

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