FEMA aid approved for Minnesota counties

FREEBORN COUNTY, Minn. – More than $6 million in disaster relief aid is coming to Minnesota.

Eight counties were approved for disaster relief funding from FEMA, including Freeborn County.

According to the official FEMA report, federal government will be paying for 75 percent of the costs involved in rebuilding infrastructure damaged in spring flooding, and the remaining 25 percent will be funded by the state.

Freeborn County emergency management director, Rich Hall says the approval didn’t come as much of a surprise since they had just over $1 million worth of damages throughout the county.

Hall says the aid will be very much appreciated, especially since some cities still need to make some overwhelmingly expensive repairs.

“We had one county that had $90,000 worth of damage for one township, and that’s larger than their whole annual budget,” he explains.

Hall says that last June, they went through a similar process with FEMA as a major band of storms left the area with more than $1.2 million in damages.

Even though only eight counties were included in the federal aid, Hall tells us that the disaster declaration for the state also included a contingency fund.

That fund will no doubt come in handy as the money will be available for any repairs being done in other counties not originally listed on the federal aid list.

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